Welcome home

If we haven’t properly met, let me introduce myself. I’m Tabatha Whiteside a #momblogger and mom coach. All my life, I’ve struggled with mental health (depression and anxiety to be specific). I thought I had it under control, that is until I became a mama and realized my mental health still had control over me. Since having my son, I’ve worked on my mental strength, now I work to help other mothers in their mental struggles with motherhood.


Together we can conquer any mountain. One coffee cup at a time.



There’s are facets of being a mom that you can’t understand unless you are a mom, or you become one. Before I thought I knew depression, I thought I knew anxiety, I thought I knew loneliness, but the truth is that I didn’t know them the way a mom does. There’s is something so different about mental struggles when motherhood is added on top of it all that anyone who isn’t a mother wouldn’t understand. This is my why. I understand what it’s like to struggle and be a mom. I know the thoughts of feeling inadequate, like a failure and feeling alone. I also know the hope, freedom, joy, peace, and love that comes from being a mother that reflects Christ. I’ve seen and felt the grace He gives to me, and have learned to accept it and in turn give it to my son, my husband and myself.

Why do I do this work? To help other mothers learn how to show grace. I do it to encourage and uplift. I do it to let new mama’s, and all others know that they are capable and called. You got this, mama. 




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