What’s Your Peace?


I’m sure as a mom, you’ve thought this or said it. I just want some peace.

As moms, we try to squeeze in a few moments of solitude each day or maybe every other day. Sometimes, we’ll go weeks or months without making time to live in peace.

As an introvert, I crave alone time. As a mom, I have to make alone time. There are days when it feels like I’m going to break. I feel extremely overwhelmed and alone. It’s in these moments where I have to break away.

If someone is around to watch Navarone for a few minutes, then I’ll ask them to take him, I’ll walk away and go do something that calms me down. I like to go read a couple of chapters in whatever book I’m reading, or I’ll just sit in quiet and focus on breathing (I’ll probably end up praying for help and comfort).

Now, there’s a lot of times where it’s just Navarone and me, I’m sure you know these moments all too well. Where everything seems to be falling out of place, your baby is just shouting and you’re not sure if it’s just to exercise their vocal cords or a cry, but the noise is driving you bonkers. And on top of that, you still have so many things to do like the dishes, the laundry, cleaning the floors, the dog needs to go on a walk, the list is endless.

“Will I ever have time to do something that I actually want to do?”

It’s in these moments that you could actually break. In times like this, I have to put Navarone in his bed or somewhere he is safe and can be contained for a few minutes, walk away and recenter. These are when I desperately need the peace of Jesus to come in and calm the storm of life.

What do you do in these times? Do you try to work through it crying internally (or maybe externally)? Do you invite the Lord to come in and help? Where do you seek refuge? Where do you find your peace?

As mamas, there is a lot required of us. A lot that anyone who isn’t a mom just wouldn’t understand, if we’re honest. The stresses of life and motherhood can really weight down on you. There are times when it’s difficult to see the tasks set before you with joy and hope. When life just drones on, how do you find peace?

I would invite you to spend some time today reflecting on your relationships. Who do you run to when life is filled with dismay? Our (both yours and my) answer should be Jesus, but I know for myself sometimes my first instinct is my husband or my mom. Sometimes, it’s just myself. I think, “I can do this. I have the strength within me to handle it.” The fact is I really don’t have the strength. I really do need Jesus. He should always be my go-to. Same for you. He should be your go-to.

Motherhood is difficult. It’s not a job to be taken lightly, and if we’re not focused on Jesus the burden of motherhood can be EXTREMELY heavy, but remember that He said His yoke is light. Let Him help you and find the peace in the storm.

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